Eric Olson: “The United States made some very important mistakes with Juan Orlando Hernández”

febrero 28, 2022

*Eric Olson is director of Policy and Strategic Initiatives at the Seattle International Foundation and fellow at the Wilson Center. He believes the corruption issue in Honduras is much deeper than what happened with Juan Orlando Hernández.  **The expert affirmed […]

El Caribe Nicaragua

The Law of the «Far East»: Diverse Economic Interests have turned the Northern Caribbean into a Ticking Time Bomb

noviembre 20, 2021

*Settlers spearhead initiatives that deprive indigenous people of resources in the Northern Caribbean of Nicaragua, their native region. **The national economic model imposed on indigenous land is based on a culture of ownership different from that of indigenous people’s communal […]

Gold and Blood in the Nicaraguan Caribbean: Mining Wealth in the Indigenous-Settler Conflict

noviembre 20, 2021

*Competition for gold in Northern Caribbean mines brings misfortune to community due to voracity of settlers, companies, municipalities, and the central government. Expediente Público In the first semester of 2021, gold became Nicaragua’s most exported product, with sales of $431.1 […]

Refinery in Colón: A Dream Cut Short for “Chico” López Who Arrived in Honduras with His Assets

agosto 12, 2021

*Francisco “Chico” López, the “preferred operator” for the Presidents of Honduras and Nicaragua, started, together with his Honduran associate, Gerardo Meraz, a refinery project currently paused but carefully followed by the ZEDE in the Bay of Trujillo in the Department […]

“Chico” López: The Nicaraguan that does Business with the Associates and Relatives of Juan Orlando Hernández in Honduras

agosto 11, 2021

*José Francisco López moved his illicit businesses to Honduras from Nicaragua, where he is protected by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández. **The companies that the Nicaraguan would direct in his country were sanctioned by the […]

Investigation Exposes Nicaraguan Army’s Participation in 2018 Repression

abril 30, 2021

**Victim testimonies, confidential interviews and reconstructions of official reports collected by a Central American think tank in an independent investigation prepared at the request of a US agency revealed that the Nicaraguan Army was never neutral; instead, it actively participated […]

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