Elections in Guatemala: A game of power, ego, and business

Elections in Guatemala: A game of power, ego, and business

abril 7, 2023

*At least 30 political groups are competing in elections marked by a weak democracy. **On March 27, 2023, electoral campaigns in Guatemala officially began, in which former political figures are candidates. ***Guatemala has been setback more than three years in […]

Honduras “se vende al mejor postor” al romper con Taiwán y preferir a China

Honduras “sold itself to the highest bidder” in breaking relations with Taiwan and preferring China

abril 6, 2023

*An entire entourage of the government of Honduras traveled to China to establish, formally, diplomatic relations with the country, a situation that caused Taiwan to withdraw its foreign minister, Vivía Chun-fei Chang, from Tegucigalpa. **Analysts explained to Expediente Público how […]

The Castro-Zelaya’s in Honduras are copying the authoritarian manual from Daniel Ortega

marzo 29, 2023

*The similarities between Honduras and Nicaragua are more and more clear each day. The Libre Party now oversees the executive branch and the Supreme Court of Justice. Within the National Congress, there are manifestations of alignment with the government. In […]

Radiografía de Xi Jinping, el nuevo emperador de China

An x-ray of Xi Jinping, the new emperor of China

marzo 28, 2023

*The analyst Sascha Hannig explains how the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, maintains a ‘mano dura’ regime of repression and censorship. **His role in history and behavior is that of an emperor who has control over the army and tools of […]


Honduras, the new spoils of the Chinese dragon in Central America

marzo 23, 2023

*Honduras’ decision to establish diplomatic relations with China, an authoritarian regime not committed to human rights, is worrisome. **The experience of other Central American countries has been a lack of follow-through by China on investment promises. ***Analysts like Alonso Illueca, […]

Manuel Orozco

Manuel Orozco: Daniel Ortega prepares for a succession of power favoring his wife, Rosario Murillo

febrero 27, 2023

*Manuel Orozco, director of the Migration, Remittances, and Development Program of the Interamerican Dialogue analyzed the liberation of political prisoners in Nicaragua, which was possibly one of Daniel Ortega’s parting acts as he readies for the succession of power to […]

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