piden sancionar a Daniel Ortega militares Ejército de Nicaragua Ley Renacer Iglesia católica Monseñor Rolando Álvarez

Experts ask for direct sanctions against Daniel Ortega and a freezing of the Nicaraguan army’s pension fund investments in the US

septiembre 6, 2022

*Experts in Latin America who participated in a forum on religious persecution in Nicaragua warn that the goal of the regime is to silence the Catholic Church, the last independent institution in the country. **They point to the importance of […]

Extradition: A Powerful, Yet Insufficient Tool to Fight Drug Trafficking in Honduras

agosto 12, 2022

*The minister of security, Ramón Sabillón thinks that Honduras should have a treaty in place to fill the gaps in the legal process of extradition of Honduran nationals requested by foreign governments.   *According to analysts, extradition is “an instrument of […]

Extradición en Honduras extraditables en Honduras #ExpedientePúblico Estados Unidos JOH Ramón Sabillón El Tigre Bonilla narcotráfico

Extradition in Honduras as a tool for cooperation with the US and a reflection of deficiencies in the Justice System

agosto 11, 2022

*So far in 2022, the United States has solicited the extradition of seven Hondurans accused of drug trafficking. However, Honduras has no security strategy or law that regulates these extraditions. Expediente Público From 2014 to July 2022, the Honduran government […]

Presos políticos Nicaragua

Priests detained in Nicaragua: FSLN presses charges, provides legal “assistance,” and issues judgements

agosto 4, 2022

*Ex officio attorneys and activists of Daniel Ortega’s political party were assigned to the cases of priests José Leonardo Urbina and Manuel Salvador García, a reflection of human rights violations in the Central American country. Expediente Público The Nicaraguan government, […]


When will the International Commission against Impunity arrive in Honduras?

julio 18, 2022

*The selection of an independent Supreme Court and the reformation and abolition of laws that favor corruption are necessary actions for the International Commission against Impunity to take in Honduras. **The Xiomara Castro administration has not made any advances in […]

CICIH Honduras

The US sees no clear signs of combating corruption in Honduras

julio 18, 2022

*The first bad sign was the Amnesty Law, which favored those accused of corrupt acts, according to David Holiday, an American foreign policy analyst for Expediente Público. *Political polarization, lack of transparency in the election of magistrates and the attorney […]

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