Índice China

China and its level of reach in three Central American countries

enero 19, 2023

*After Peru, Panama is the second Latin American country with the highest levels of Chinese influence, according to the China Index. **China’s means of achieving influence are similar to those in Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua, three countries where the […]

Honduras Police

Honduras is about to go back on its decision to purge police force

junio 27, 2022

*In an interview with Expediente Público, the new director of the Honduran police force, Commissioner Gustavo Sánchez argues that “purging police forces was part of a strategy to tie the institution’s hands.” He defends the reinstatement of more than 2,000 […]

China Venezuela Expediente Público

Chavismo handed Venezuela over to the Chinese, with catastrophic results

junio 9, 2022

*Venezuelan analyst says that the presence of the People’s Republic of China exacerbated problems such as human rights violations and corruption in Venezuela and the rest of Latin America. **The Asian Giant hides from the international media the fact that […]

China central america Matt Schrader

China happy to work with dictators and make corrupt deals, says US analyst

junio 8, 2022

*Matt Schrader, advisor on Chinese affairs at the International Republican Institute, asserts that China “is happy” dealing with dictators and helping them remain in power.  **Chinese companies break the rules on transparency in the countries where they do business and […]

Gold and Blood in the Nicaraguan Caribbean: Mining Wealth in the Indigenous-Settler Conflict

noviembre 20, 2021

*Competition for gold in Northern Caribbean mines brings misfortune to community due to voracity of settlers, companies, municipalities, and the central government. Expediente Público In the first semester of 2021, gold became Nicaragua’s most exported product, with sales of $431.1 […]

El Caribe Nicaragua

The Law of the «Far East»: Diverse Economic Interests have turned the Northern Caribbean into a Ticking Time Bomb

noviembre 20, 2021

*Settlers spearhead initiatives that deprive indigenous people of resources in the Northern Caribbean of Nicaragua, their native region. **The national economic model imposed on indigenous land is based on a culture of ownership different from that of indigenous people’s communal […]