Moisés Leiva

Former political prisoner Moisés Leiva: Daniel Ortega’s regime is “about to fall”

febrero 26, 2023

*Moisés Leiva was imprisoned for participating in the protests that occurred in the city of Matagalpa in 2018. He spent six months in prison and was recaptured in 2019 because he continued to denounce the regime. **His sister was also […]

Samantha Padilla

Exiled leader, Samantha Jirón: “They took away my sense of belonging”

febrero 26, 2023

*Member of the Unidad Nacional Azul y Blanco (UNAB), Samantha Jirón spent a year and three months in prison, following her being captured by civilians in 2021.  **Now that she is free, her priority is reuniting with her family and […]

Edward Lacayo, La loba feroz preso político Nicaragua en Estados Unidos

Edward Lacayo, “La Loba Feroz,” says “Nicaragua is one big prison”

febrero 26, 2023

*Interview with Expediente Público and Café con Voz: released political prisoner known as “La Loba Feroz,” or the “Fierce Wolf,” originally from the indigenous neighborhood of Monimbó located in Masaya, Nicaragua, tells the story of his imprisonment during which he […]

Alejandra Pérez

Former political prisoner Alejandra Pérez González was sentenced to eight years in prison in Nicaragua for simply giving her opinion on social media

febrero 26, 2023

*The young woman from Managua, who was detained on November 6, 2021, was accused of “betraying her country,” as established by the Law of Cybercrimes and Law 1055 under which other political opponents have been jailed in the Central American […]

Stories of the 222 Nicaraguans in exile: Alcides Zeledón, detained for 39 months for giving food to protestors

febrero 26, 2023

*Even though Alcides Zeledón received three release orders, the Nicaraguan regime refused to release him from prison until he became part of the 222 exiles.  **In an interview with Expediente Público, the former political prisoner said that he “hope(d) for […]

Primer año de la invasión a Ucrania. La fidelidad de Daniel Ortega a los crímenes de Putin

Primer año de la invasión a Ucrania. La fidelidad de Daniel Ortega a los crímenes de Putin

febrero 24, 2023

*El régimen de Nicaragua incluso ha usado la desinformación para justificar la invasión a Ucrania. Su último respaldo fue votar en contra de la resolución de Naciones Unidas de cesar de las hostilidades y que Rusia retire sus tropas. **Daniel Ortega […]