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Gold and Blood in the Nicaraguan Caribbean: Mining Wealth in the Indigenous-Settler Conflict

noviembre 20, 2021

*Competition for gold in Northern Caribbean mines brings misfortune to community due to voracity of settlers, companies, municipalities, and the central government. Expediente Público In the first semester of 2021, gold became Nicaragua’s most exported product, with sales of $431.1 […]

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The Law of the «Far East»: Diverse Economic Interests have turned the Northern Caribbean into a Ticking Time Bomb

noviembre 20, 2021

*Settlers spearhead initiatives that deprive indigenous people of resources in the Northern Caribbean of Nicaragua, their native region. **The national economic model imposed on indigenous land is based on a culture of ownership different from that of indigenous people’s communal […]

Quality Education, the Other Victim of the Coronavirus in Honduras

marzo 23, 2021

**The arrival of COVID-19 in March 2020 filled the population with uncertainty. Many thought that confinement would only last about two weeks and that school would soon return to normal. Expediente Público On account of the new coronavirus pandemic, the […]

Political violence in the 2021 Honduran elections

marzo 23, 2021

Expediente Público In November, in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Honduras will hold general elections to elect the country’s president, representatives and mayors. Conflict and danger are predicted for the election because it has started out without any […]

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Back to school amid pandemic, repression and political pressure

marzo 23, 2021

It has been three weeks since Nicaragua’s public schools opened their doors to 1.8 million students. The government has done nothing except to promote biosecurity measures in schools, even though not all schools have adequate infrastructure and the necessary resources, […]

Misquitos, Nicaragua

Indigenous People in Nicaragua: Conquest and Colonization Even in the Twenty-First Century

marzo 23, 2021

Expediente Público In 2010, a few years after Daniel Ortega had returned to power in Nicaragua, mestizo settlers began an uncontrolled expansion into the autonomous regions of the Caribbean, the cradle and habitat of indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples. Human rights […]